Medical Approved Cannabis Products

We use CBD’s healing properties to develop intelligent products, tackling pain, rejuvenation and lifetime diseases

CannaSen™Insights & Knowledge

20% of our medication was based on Cannabis until it was banned in 1937. Today Cannabis is reintroduced in medication and legalized in 46 countries…

You may wonder why and how Cannabis can be so beneficial with all these claimed medical properties without having severe side effects. The answer is quite simple…
There are many diseases, disorders, and conditions where cannabinoids are reported to have therapeutic potential. We look into the related studies and treatment advantages …

CannaSen™Our Lab Tested Medical CBD Products

Use our concept; CannaSen CBD Gel combined with food supplements to improve mobility, overall health & relieve pain, e.g. Arthritis, or get help to recover from many skin disorders, as Psoriasis or similar.

Pamper your skin with CBD skincare products and expose signs of aging, extend your Eyelashes or use CannaSen’s Hair product line to stop hair loss or boost hair growth.
Help your furry friends with Our Animal oil or Dog Treats to increase mobility and ease of muscle pain or other disorders caused by an imbalance in the immune system.
Our Disinfection Gel, Antibacterial Hand Cream, and Surface Disinfection can be used against bacteria and viruses which is important, especially during COVID-19 times.

We are developing innovative therapies that address
the source of disease, not just the symptoms.

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0123456789001234567890countries have legalized Medical Cannabis
0123456789001234567890Mpeople in Europe suffers from chronic disease
0123456789001234567890diseases can be treated with medical cannabis

6 Reasons to Choose CannaSen™Why CannaSen?

GMP and ISO 13485 Certified
GMP and ISO 13485 certification ensure product quality is maintained from production, through the life cycle and shelf life.
Our treatment products are classified as a Medical Device
Our treatment products are classified as medical devices and are CE marked.
HACCP Approved Oral Application
Products with an oral application are approved under HACCP for oral ingestion by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Extensive Testing Control
CannaSen products have undergone extensive testing in accordance with cosmetics, and pharmaceutical legislation.
Patent is pending
A patent is pending for Cannasen products (i.e. Psoriasis and Arthritis gels).
Increased Absorption of CBD
Some CannaSen products contain the cannabinoid CBD and are optimized to ensure the overall impact and efficacy as well as increase the body’s absorption of CBD.