We are a global company focused on helping to address the unmet needs of patients with autoimmune-related diseases. We focus on delivering products that comply with all requirements to make sure that our customers can be confident in the products’ efficiency and safety.

Our products are in compliance with the Medical Device Directive (MDD)
and in the process of updating to MDR.

Extensive Testing Control

CANNASEN products have undergone extensive testing in accordance with cosmetics, food supplements, and medical device legislation.

GMP and ISO 13485 Certified

GMP and ISO 13485 certification ensure product quality is maintained from production, through the life cycle and shelf life.

HACCP Approved Oral Application

Food supplements products are produced under HACCP.

Treatment line is classified as medical device

All of our treatment products are classified as medical devices.

Increased absorption of cbd

Our CBD products are optimized to ensure the overall impact and efficacy as well as increased the body’s absorption of CBD.

Patent is pending

A patent is pending for 7 CANNASEN products.


High-quality CBD products require skills, procedures, and equipment that are suitable for the purpose. At CANNASEN all processes undergo excessive control.


We have established cooperation with leading partners in each of the production processes of  CANNASEN’s products. Green Valley ensures high quality in agriculture and cultivation while the extraction of CBD is ensured by Enecta.


How we source our raw materials


The cultivation of Cannabis used in CANNASEN CBD products is outsourced to Green Valley, an Italian company, which specializes in industrial agricultural activities within hemp. Green Valley fields are located in the Italian region of Abruzzo and Veneto, where Cannabis is farmed with a strong focus on sustainability.


To maintain transparency of the processes behind the production of CANNASEN CBD products, we have explained the journey that takes a seed of Cannabis to become cannabinoids used by CANNASEN CBD.


How we produce our CBD crystals


CBD crystals used in our products are produced from Cannabis according to the European common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species in accordance with article 17 of council directive 2002/53/EC of 13 June 2002 with a level of THC below 0.2%.


CANNASEN products are quality tested and have a good safety profile


We take control and testing very seriously. We and our collaboration partners spend extensive resources on quality control. We always strive to deliver CBD products of high quality and consistency. It is one of our goals to help raise the general level of quality in the cannabis industry by being a front-runner and role model.


Depending on your needs, the optimal type of application may vary.


Bioavailability of CBD, the percentage of the used CBD that works in the body, varies greatly between application methods; Topical/transdermal (on the skin), Oral (through the mouth), and Nasal (through the nose). The difference in bioavailability between these methods has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Find more information on our application options.


CANNASEN product pipeline, tailored after patients’ needs


2 flagships product – Arthritis Gel & Psoriasis Gel – a new type of treatment products – Anti- Hair Loss Serum, Nasal Spray Night, Pain Patch, Wound Gel, Protective Nasal Gel. All medical devices are quality tested and quality assured in compliance with the EU’s Medical Devices Directive (MDD).