Testing Labs

CBD Quality Control

All CannaSen products are standardized to contain specific amounts of different cannabinoids. We test the quality and consistency of all our CBD products in our laboratories and the production is done according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Testing Labs

All CannaSen products are quality tested

In the hemp industry, there is generally a lack of standards for manufacturers. Most labs have difficulty collecting reliable test results. In the production of CannaSen products, we take control and testing very seriously, and we and our collaboration partners spend extensive resources on quality control. We always strive to deliver a CBD product of the finest quality and consistency.

We hope that this way we can help raise the general level of quality in the hemp industry by being a front runner and role model for the rest of the industry. Being able to inspire and encourage hemp manufacturers to increase the quality of their products through analytics and new knowledge, which can help increase the quality of the industry as a whole.

Unfortunately, many CBD products on the market contain pesticides, herbicides, moulds, fungi and dangerous mycotoxins. We use the latest equipment in the field and undergo in-depth tests to ensure that our products are safe, healthy and of the highest quality. We test our products for over 438 different pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. At the same time, our quality is also confirmed by our GMP and GACP certification.

All CannaSen products are made with the highest quality standards and produced and delivered under GMP, GDP, HACCP, ISO9000 and ISO 13485.

We guarantee that our CBD products are 100% safe to use

We use only the very best technology to create safe CBD-rich products. Quality control is at the heart of our mission to provide you with the very best CBD products that nature and science have to offer. Our production processes follow the GMP regulations consistently. Our organic hemp crops are only harvested with the best tools and subsequently screened by our highly dedicated team and cooperation partners. We test each batch carefully using cutting-edge laboratory technology to ensure that it is toxin-free, pollution-free and of continuous high quality. We use scientific techniques and technologies, such as HPLC and NMR, to test the composition of our hemp products. In this way, we ensure that only the best is offered to our customers.