We are focused on a singular mission  –  improving the lives of patients worldwide



Everything we do is focused on a single mission of increasing life quality of our patients.


We made it our mission to educate society about the endocannabinoid system and the beneficial effects of cannabinoids.  Part of this mission is to eliminate the confusion around CBD, cannabis and hemp. Modern scientific research shows remarkable effects of CBD on overall health. CBD has a long and proven history of success, which goes back to 4000 BC. Due to new legal foundation, we are able to go back to these roots and offer you our products with optimized concentration and effectiveness to restore your health and well being.

CANNASEN was established in 2011 in Copenhagen where we develop all our products, while the production takes place in Europe.



Is full of polarities, merging Nature and Science, the South and the North, the East and the West, the Past and the Future.


This story started in 2011, when two Danish sisters, Lone and Gitte: a Scientist and an Economist, started to realize the healing potential of the Cannabis sativa L. In 2015 their investigations brought them to Los Angeles, USA, where they studied the ancient CBD-based formulas used by wise Mexican women for generations. Their further investigation took them to Instituto Neurologico Buenos Aires, Argentina, India, and Germany where they partnered with Dr. Maria Augustina Duguine,  Dr. Alejandro Andersson, Dr. Suresh, and Dr. Dauer early global experts in medical CBD usage, Medical Devices, and Food supplements.

Seeing the degree of the forgotten healing potential of the cannabinoids, the sisters decided to dedicate themselves to bringing the CBD-based treatment to European patients. Their first steps on the challenging CBD market required Scandinavian conscientiousness and sturdiness.

The main problem of the CBD market that was encountered was the lack of quality assurance, which in line was the reason for low efficacy. Since in the OTC product category, CBD is only approved as cosmetic, it does not require approval of efficacy nor quality assurance. This results in a multitude of low-quality products that lack desired efficacy and fail to satisfy patient’s needs. CANNASEN tackles this issue with high levels of quality assurance.

The second obstacle of the CBD market is the lack of consumer trust towards the usage of cannabis, caused by negative stereotypes and aforementioned low level of quality control. Consumers lack evidence-based knowledge about the properties and characteristics of the cannabis plant, which often makes them hesitant to purchase CBD-based products. This is why CANNASEN is devoted to customer education.


Our compliance culture is built on integrity, ethics, sound decision-making, and behaviors that sustain our values and commitment to patients and our customers. We collaborate with our patients, our partners, and see ourselves as a part of a broad societal landscape. We are frank, through our words and our actions we show respect to our collaborators and the public at large.

We fulfill our commitment as a trusted resource and want to achieve overall benefits and increased value in our activities. We do this through strategic research focusing on trust and efficiency in all aspects of our operations maintaining our strategic advantages.


Our mission is to explore the healing potential of cannabinoids. To do that, we strive to increase our understanding of the biology that controls the endocannabinoid system. We use that knowledge to develop products that enable people to live with less pain and increase their life quality.


Our vision is to bring relief and increase quality of life to as many patients worldwide as possible. We envision ourselves as a company in constant development, exploring the ways in which we can support patients in their battle against the disease, the pain and the sorrow it brings.