Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

How we produce our CANNASEN® products

High-quality CBD products require skills, procedures, and equipment that are suitable for the purpose. Nothing is left to coincidences at CANNASEN CBD.

We have established cooperation with leading partners in each of the production processes of  CANNASEN’s products. Green Valley, an Italian company, which specializes in industrial agricultural activities within Cannabis ensures the highest quality in the cultivation process, while the extraction of CBD is guaranteed and tested by Enecta, an audited and certified cannabinoid manufacturer.

Production of the finished product is done at our own laboratory, specialized in the development of products containing Cannabis under the legislation of medical devices. Final CANNASEN CBD products are subjected to a 3-party review and quality assurance.

In this section, we will take you on the journey that takes a seed of Cannabis to become CBD extract used in CANNASEN CBD products.  Furthermore, subsequent processes included in the completion of CANNASEN CBD products will be highlighted. Agriculture, Cultivation & Harvesting, Production of Cannabinoid Crystals, and Testing of CANNASEN CBD products are reviewed in separate sections.

Detailed information about each process is accessible by choosing the process in the diagram below.




Our Products

Our products are made under high-quality standards, produced and delivered under GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485.

We ensure safety from production through the entire life cycle.

We offer reliable and safe products that can be trusted to deliver a consistent experience.

Cannabinoids and other ingredients used in CANNASEN CBD’s products are certified: Pesticide Free, Heavy Metal Free, Made in Europe, and stored in Monitored Warehouse.


Certificates and guidelines our subcontractors comply with and/or have obtained.