Product Manufacturing

High Quality CBD Products

How do we produce our CBD products?

Creating high-quality CBD products, such as those from CannaSen, requires skills, procedures and equipment that are suitable for the purpose. Nothing is left to coincidences.

We have established cooperation with leading partners in each process of the production of CannaSen’s products. Green Valley ensures the highest quality in Agriculture and cultivation while the extraction of CBD is guaranteed and tested by Enecta. Both Enecta and Green Valley are best-in-class in their field.  Production of the finished product is ensured through our laboratory, specialised in development of product containing medical cannabis under the legislation of medical device and human drugs.  The finished CannaSen product is subjected to a 3-party review and quality assurance.

Since we know how important it is to buy and consume Cannabis products with total peace of mind, we will in this section explain the journey that takes a seed of Cannabis Sativa L. to become CBD extract used in CannaSen products for topical application and consumption.

The Agriculture and cultivation and Testing of CBD extract and final product are reviewed in separate sections.

Cultivation Finalproduct

Creating a high-quality product requires adherence to some basic principles, which for most parts are embedded in guidelines created by independent bodies.

The basic principles that guide the production of CannaSen products are:

  • Cultivation in selected fields without the use of pesticides
  • Applying with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) Guidelines
  • Monitoring of pollutants according to the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia
  • Good manufacturing practices

GACP and GMP guidelines serve as the basis for establishing an appropriate quality assurance system that provides useful principles to ensure firm standards, ensuring:

  • Compliance with general and specific hygiene requirements (which include contamination / cross-contamination, personal hygiene and a plant material hygiene).
  • Control methods
  • Documented Procedures (SOP) covering the entire production process in detail
  • Security in the process
  • Suitability for the final product.
Field 940 2

This policy helps the production of CannaSen products through a set of standardized procedures and by identifying critical production phases based on HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) to ensure the quality and safety of our products is appropriate and consistent, within a complete and up-to-date internal tracking system (each production batch is traceable and identifiable – including the field and the exact location where the plants were grown and harvested).

Production 1

Extraction and Post Production

Post Production Small
Extraction process

To recover extracts from the Cannabis plant, the desired cannabinoids from the plant must be separated from those cannabinoids that are not needed. Each specific extract is developed and formulated around a particular cannabinoid. Cannabinoids can be separated from the plant in many different ways. The methods used for CannaSen products are specially developed by Enecta, Amsterdam NL. Enecta is specialized in the extraction of medical cannabis and guarantees both safety and efficiency in this process to ensure the delivery of the best CBD extract.

Post Production – Pharmaceutical rules
Post Production Certificate

Each CannaSen product is based on carefully selected cannabinoids aimed at the specific purpose and product characteristics of the individual CannaSen products.

In the final CannaSen products all cannabinoids extract undergoes a quality assurance check to ensure consistent quality. In the final CannaSen product, cannabinoids are added complimenting ingredients in order to ensure higher efficiency and optimize the overall treatment efficacy of the finished product.

In all processes, high-quality management standards in development, production, and product control are maintained according to HCCAP (hazard analysis and critical control points).   These procedures ensure that the quality and safety of our products are appropriate and consistent, and in compliance with safety, quality, and efficiency requirements.

All production phases follow GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice, Rules – Instructions for all phases of the production cycle) and are based on a solid integrated quality system and precise risk management procedures, to ensure that all CannaSen products comply with ICH (International Council for Harmonization – Technical Requirements for Medicinal Products for Human Use) stability guidelines, ISO (International Standard Organization) quality regulations, and are suitable for the intended use.

All these quality goals are achieved by using well-qualified staff in all processes and by applying certified procedures with the use of appropriate equipment.

Storage and Distribution

Finished products are transferred to our Warehouse ready to be distributed to our customers.

Warehousing and distribution are Monitored and regulated under the same rules as the production. Furthermore, warehousing and distribution comply with GDP (Good Distribution Practices), which involves extensive procedures for

  • document management
  • management review and monitoring
  • qualification of suppliers and customers
  • complaints (complaints) and recalls
  • self-inspection
  • Deviations, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • risk assessment
  • warehousing including reception, storage and delivery
  • temperature measurement and the like.
  • cleaning
  • equipment calibration
  • transport including handling of temperature fluctuations, operation, maintenance, cleaning and safety measures of vehicles

Final Product

All Cannabis extracts and other ingredients used in CannaSen products (in addition to following the GACP) are certified: Made in Europe, Pesticide Free, Heavy Metal Free and stored in Monitored Warehouse.