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ABOUT USWe Improve the Lives of Patients

Everything we do at CannaSen is focused on a singular mission of improving the lives of patients worldwide and increase their life quality.
We build trust in our patients, our partners and the public at large through our words and our actions. The compliance culture at CannaSen is built on
integrity, ethics, sound decision making and behaviors that sustain our values and commitment to patients and our customers.

We fulfill our commitment as a trusted resource and want to achieve overall benefits and increased value in our activities. We do this through
strategic and innovative research focusing on trust and efficiency in all aspects of our operations maintaining our strategic advantages.

● Worldwide patent – on cannabinoid-based Psoraisis & Arithits Gel
● Other patents include: combination opioid and cannabinoid products and more
● Worldwide – CannaSen® Tradmark registeret
● Increased bioavailability of cannabinoid APIs through oral intake combined with topical delivery
● Allows for lower dosage and increased efficacy
● Meets compliance and quality standards according to the GMP, GDP, HACCP, ISO9000 and ISO 13485
● Awarded GMP certification for purification of cannabinoid APIs in Europe

Our Mission

” We’re tackling pain and illness – one of life’s greatest challenges….
Our mission is to harness medical cannabis to increase our understanding of the biology that controls the endocannabinoide system.  We will use that knowledge to develop and sell products that enable people to live with less pain and increase life quality.

Our Vision

” Our vision is to become a world leading Manufacture of Medical Device containing cannabinoids from Cannabis. We will continuously develop effective, and safe products which increase the life quality of patients and people in general.

Our Research & Flagship Products

Focused clinical development program wiht 2 flagship product groups formulated and registrated under the Medical Device legislation.
More products are develped and formulated and ready for further research and clinical trials.

The Team Behind

CannaSen Global Executive Team is a group of highly skilled and specialized professionals. Its members are responsible for our strategic initiatives and global operations. Through various committees they oversee operations and business performance, strategy and planning, current and future product development, risk management, research and development, external affairs, and internal governance.

Documented Security & Efficacy

We believe that there is a higher standard – making sure that products aren’t just lab tested, but tested under the Pharmaceutical legislations by trusted labs.

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